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We create ZERO impact shooting ranges

In close collaboration with the best designers and using the most advanced technology in the field, NORMATECH has developed a grinding and separating machine for used cartridges shells, called TRITO 3000. This innovative solution allows a reduction of the volume of used cartridges up to 90% and allows the efficient separation of the metallic part from the plastic part, thus facilitating their recycling and recovery of materials.

Thanks to the accumulation of experiences gained over the years, Normatech is able to conceive and implement zero impact shooting installations. This means that, through the use of our continuously developing technologies, it is now possible to build a shooting facility that is perfectly compatible with the external environment. This result is achievable exclusively thanks to our pre-project consultancy and the use of procedures that we have tested and always updated. Our philosophy is based on innovation, commitment to sustainability, and the desire to offer cutting-edge solutions in the field of shooting ranges. With Normatech, you won’t only get a state-of-the-art facility, but you will also actively contribute to the protection of the surrounding environment. Trust our experience and our technologies to embrace a future of shooting without environmental impact.

Shooting range design

Our specialized consultancy offers the possibility to start a complete design study, aimed at ensuring not only the optimal functionality of the shooting range, but also to mitigate the impact on the surrounding environment as much as possible. We approach each project with a holistic vision, integrating innovative solutions to promote sustainability and respect for the local ecosystem. Relying on our consultancy means investing in a shooting range that is attentive to practical needs and principles of environmental responsibility.

Lead containment barrier construction

Thanks to our consultancy, during the design phase it is possible to create a containment barrier for lead or other material pellets that guarantees almost a total recovery of the material.

Supply of TRITO 3000

For zero impact companies, we can provide the TRITO 3000, a machine that allows you to recycle plastic cases directly on the range, producing two secondary raw materials: metal and plastic, easily placed in the recovery market, thus solving the problem of these residues.

Supply of Rotovac 1600

For the realization of the zero impact field, the Rotovac 1600 will certainly be necessary. With this machine, you can guarantee the complete cleaning of the shooting areas from the fragments of clays and from the plastic wads.

Supply of ECO targets

Eurotarget, a world leader in the production of ecological targets and a consolidated partner of Normatech, is able to provide eco-compatible targets that respect all the environmental regulations present in the market.

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