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NORMATECH: an undeniable reality.

NORMATECH is born from the experience accumulated in more than half a century of activity by Eurotarget Srl, a leading company in the production and sale of clays for clay target shooting. Today Eurotarget has joined another great reality in our sector that has been operating for more than twenty years in the environmental protection of clay target shooting activities, IES Srl. The union of these two companies has given life to a single company that today proposes itself in the sports shooting sector, as a partner for all clubs in the search for the solution to the environmental impact. For years, NORMATECH has been proposing solutions to the needs of recovery and management of the residues of the shooting activity. It is assisted by the best technicians in the sector and has developed cutting-edge systems and materials for every single aspect of the environmental management of shooting companies. NORMATECH collaborates with all the major national and international federations, starting with the ISSF, and collaborates with the major European institutions for the management of the environmental aspects of our sport. Through NORMATECH services it is possible to create a shooting activity with zero impact: this is our strength and represents the future of the shooting sports sector.

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NORMATECH has been active for many years in various parts of the world and is committed to addressing the increasingly current needs related to environmental protection for all shooting sports activities. Collaborating with the main world federations and the largest associations, NORMATECH offers consulting and different services during the main sporting events. The international dimension of the company allows it to provide solutions aimed at environmental protection on all continents of the world. Thanks to the use of manuals written in different languages and materials suitable for various climatic conditions, NORMATECH is able to offer its solutions anywhere, thus helping to promote environmental sustainability in the sports shooting sector on a global scale