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Specialists in limiting sound impact

Our sound-absorbing panels represent an ecological and highly effective solution for noise management in clay target shooting ranges.

Here’s what makes them special:
imagine being on the shooting platform, gun in hand, ready to shoot. Noise is an integral part of this experience, but we have developed a solution that makes it less invasive and more sustainable.

Controlled silence: our sound-absorbing panels line the internal walls of the shooting platforms. When the shooter fires, the sound is absorbed and attenuated. The unwanted echo is minimized, creating a more comfortable environment for shooters.

High-quality materials: The choice of materials is fundamental. Our panels are made with high-quality sound-absorbing materials, selected for their effectiveness in reducing noise. But there’s more: these materials are derived from recycled material, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Recyclable and ecological: At the end of their life cycle, the sound-absorbing panels can be recycled. They not only protect the hearing of shooters, but also the environment.

Resistance to Adversity: Our panels are immune to mold, UV rays, fire, and temperature variations. They are designed to last over time without losing effectiveness.

Acoustic Barriers

Our acoustic barriers are positioned on the perimeters of shooting ranges. But they are not just barriers: they are guardians of the environment and tranquility.

Absorption of residual noise: when the shooter fires, part of the noise disperses beyond the boundaries of the field. Our acoustic barriers absorb this residual noise, ensuring that it does not disturb those outside the field.

Protection of fauna and flora: The barriers not only protect human ears, but also the external fauna and flora. Loud sounds can disturb animals and affect ecosystems. Our barriers create a zone of calm and respect for the environment.

Resistance to lead pellets: Specifically constructed, the acoustic barriers are designed to resist damage caused by lead pellets. Their structure is robust and durable.

Compliance with environmental regulations: Noise regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Our acoustic barriers are a responsible choice, helping to keep the shooting range aligned with current regulations.

Eco-friendly and immunity to extreme conditions: like the sound-absorbing panels, acoustic barriers are recyclable and eco-friendly. In addition, they are immune to mold, UV rays, fire, and temperature variations.