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Soil Screening and Barrier Construction

NORMATECH, a company specialized in design services and consulting, offers innovative solutions for the construction of barriers and embankments aimed at noise containment and the collection of lead or iron pellets. At the center of these solutions is the geomembrane, a versatile and reliable material that plays a crucial role in this context.

The Geomembrane

The geomembrane is a waterproof synthetic membrane, made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is known for its resistance to weathering, aggressive chemicals, and attack by rodents and insects. Let’s see how the geomembrane helps to solve the specific challenges mentioned in the sentence: Waterproofing and collection of lead or iron pellets: The geomembrane prevents water from passing into the ground, while at the same time allowing lead or iron pellets to slide to the bottom. When it rains, the water collected in the gutter at the base does not allow the pellets to escape thanks to their weight.

Guaranteed lifespan of 10 years: Normatech, considering the quality of its product, offers all customers a 10-year warranty on this innovative solution.

Quick return on investment: The prolonged lifespan and effectiveness of the geomembrane translate into a quick economic return for investors.

Immunity to UV rays, insects, and rodents: The geomembrane is designed to resist exposure to UV rays, preventing the material from degrading over time. In addition, its resistance to insects and rodents helps to maintain the integrity of the structure.

Material with memory and regeneration of suffering zones: The geomembrane has memory properties, which means it can recover its original shape even after being subjected to stress. This helps to prevent localized damage and extend the lifespan of the structure.

Recyclable and does not require disposal: At the end of its life cycle, the geomembrane can be recycled, reducing environmental impact and simplifying material management.

Net for pellets collection

Net for pellets collection: an essential component for responsible management of shooting ranges and environmental protection. This vertical screen, made with high-quality materials, offers an effective solution for the collection of fired lead pellets, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring people’s safety.

Here’s why the Normatech Net is a smart choice:

Containment of lead pellets: the net captures lead pellets, preventing them from dispersing into the surrounding environment. This is crucial for the health of ecosystems and the safety of people, as well as guaranteeing a return on investment for the field.

Protection of sensitive areas: when installed correctly, our net protects rivers, lands, and other natural areas from potential damage caused by lead pellets. It is an investment for environmental conservation.

Customization for each context: the height, thickness, and density of the net are carefully chosen based on the specifications of the shooting range. We consider factors such as wind activity, types of disciplines practiced, and local topography. The result? A tailor-made project for every situation.

Solutions for collecting lead

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