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Used cartridges collection and disposal

In close collaboration with the best designers and using the most advanced technology in the field, NORMATECH has developed a grinding and separating machine for used cartridge shells, called Trito 3000. This innovative solution allows a reduction in the volume of used cartridges up to 90% and allows the efficient separation of the metallic part from the plastic part, thus facilitating their recycling and recovery of materials.


Separation efficiency: The TRITO 3000 is designed to efficiently separate the metallic part from plastic shells. This process facilitates the recycling and recovery of materials, reducing environmental impact.

Cutting-edge technology: The machine uses cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal performance. Its advanced features allow for uniform and reliable results.

Economic yield: The purchase of the TRITO 3000 represents a beneficial investment for several reasons:

Shells volume before and after treatment with TRITO 3000

Production of raw materials: The machine grinds used cartridges, producing two raw materials: iron and shredded plastic. Both of these materials can be easily placed on the market. The iron can be sold to foundries or steel industries for the production of new metal artifacts. The shredded plastic can be used for the production of objects in recycled plastic, thus reducing the need for new virgin plastic resources.

Reduction of disposal costs: Ranges that face costs from the disposal of used cartridges can benefit from the TRITO 3000. Instead of having to pay for the disposal of the shells, they can transform them into usable raw materials and even make a profit from the sale of iron and shredded plastic.

TRITO 3000

Thanks to the electrical power supply and maintenance-free design, the TRITO3000 stands out for its ease of use, making it suitable for deployment by any field operator.

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